Who are We?

Plastiveneta S.a.S was established in 1959 by the cousins Ernesto and Mario Ziliotto; based on the added value of a strong family tradition, it specialised in plastic coating and PVC couplings of paper products on a subcontract basis. The entire plant, with production department and offices, was located in Cadoneghe PD.



The PVC coating machine was purchased. Alberto Ziliotto, directly followed the development and marketing of new products, such as the first PVC coated cotton/nylon tarpaulins, created for the market of rain cover applications.


A important conversion took place in 1979, with the creation of the weaving plant in Binago (Como): a choice necessary to meet the new market needs for special fabrics that the textile sector did not offer.


A decade full of growth for Plastiveneta which gave rise to Naizil Inc., with the establishment of new premises in Cananda. As well as marketing fabrics, backed by the technology developed in Italy, the company acquired two coating systems for the production of special fabrics, for the entire American market.
1986 saw the opening of the new premises in Campodarsego which still occupy an area of 21,000 m2 (11,000m2 of which covered).
In 1990 a control and management system was introduced in the company as an indispensable element which, thanks to the constant development, enables total monitoring of the work, warehouse movements and accounts. Optimisation of the system now allows us to offer a service that, in addition to the qualities of the products, is recognised by all our customers as exclusive.


The year when the management decided to gather all the group companies under the same logo and Naizil name.


In these years the world market was strongly influenced by the growth of Eastern European countries. Naizil did not stop and responded by automating the entire production cycle with increasingly faster and automatic systems and technologies which, in addition to improving the work conditions of collaborators, also reduced work cycle times.
The most important is the first completely automated vertical store with a capacity of 17,000 rolls, with shelving interlocked with travelling lift. All operations are carried out by automatic manipulators which, doing all the manual handling previously carried out by stores personnel, speed up loading and unloading operations. All this results in a completely integrated system for providing a complete and timely service.