TITAN W is a surface finish whose formulation was prepared by Naizil SRL in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Department of Padua University.
TITAN W exploits the most innovative nanotechnology methods for the use of particular particles in combination with fluoropolymers (PVDF) mixed with acrylic resin.
The effectiveness of TITAN W compared to coatings based on acrylic lacquering and PVDF has been shown by numerous tests on deterioration by atmospheric agents, both accelerated and outdoors (weathering test).

The result is a coating that gives the fabric the following advantages:
- Less yellowing and colour variation
- Longer lasting physical properties
- Better preservation of flexibility
- Better self-cleaning properties

With these additional advantages, the fabrics coated with TITAN W lacquering will offer better durability compared to the existing coatings used. In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, fabrics with TITAN W lacquer are high frequency and hot air weldable.

10-year warranty TITAN W LACQUERING Duration of warranty and percentage of responsibility
1° year 100% 6° year 50%
2° year 90% 7° year 40%
3° year 80% 8° year 30%
4° year 70% 9° year 20%
5° year 60% 10° year 10%